Sunday, May 29, 2022

On Strategic Thinking: Theory, Practice and the Case Study of Viet Nam

All decisive policies and national visions aim to attain desired and long-term impacts. From the subjective perspective, most of the success depends on strategic decisive policies and strategic decisions while policy making and policy implementation partially depend on the thinking and approach of leaders, advisors and staff. This article seeks to analyse key aspects of theory and practice of “strategic thinking” that is the important and cross-cutting link of the two processes of policy making and policy implementation, and put forth a number of recommendations for Vietnam in the coming time.

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In this Issue

  1. Chính sách Đối ngoại Việt Nam
  2. Vấn đề Biển Đông
  3. Các vấn đề Quốc tế
  4. Nghiên cứu trao đổi
  5. Thông tin - tư liệu

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