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The US - Viet Nam Relation after the Fall of Sai Gon

The Viet Nam War - known in Viet Nam as the Resistance War against American Imperialism - was one of the most destructive conflicts in history, and ended with a triumphant victory for Ho Chi Minh’s Communist forces and the most humiliating military defeat the United States has ever experienced. If a single image represents the historical drama, perhaps it is the one of the Huey helicopter evacuating American personnel and Vietnamese associates from a US embassy building rooftop. Ho Chi Minh’s Communist forces and their southern allies in the National Liberation Front had succeeded in toppling the US-backed southern government of the Republic of Viet Nam, and driving American troops, numbering a half million at the peak of the war, out of the country.


This paper will present and analyze the US - Viet Nam relation since Uncle Ho’s Declaration of Independence, particularly since April 30, 1975.

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