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The role of diplomacy in the Spring offensive of 1975

After the Paris Peace Treaty intended to establish peace in Viet Nam was signed, the focal task of Vietnamese diplomacy (Diplomacy of Democratic Republic of Viet Nam and Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam), under the guidance of the Politburo, is closely linked to military and political fronts to enforce the Treaty. We were able to convene an international conference on Viet Nam, opened forums (Forum on 2-party and 4-party Military Alliance; Forum on 2 sides of Southern Viet Nam, Forum on Democratic Republic of Viet Nam and the US; requested the US to implement 3 urgent tasks (ceasefire, political prisoners and democratic freedom); and capitalized on the support of the world.

The fact that the Saigon regime protested against Paris negotiation and was now backed by the US to sabotage the Treaty forced us to use revolutionary violence to accomplish the liberation of Southern Vietnam and national reunification when opportunities came. Closely coordinating with military and political fronts, diplomacy has envisioned the comeback of the US and the unlikelihood of its military intervention, circumventing any plots conceived by the US and the Republic of Viet Nam that prevented us from liberating Saigon and contributing to the final victory of 30 April 1975.

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