Sunday, May 29, 2022

The Interactions between Economic Structure Transformations and Labor Force Quality: Challenges and Chances for Transitional Economies and Viet Nam

   Theoretical approaches have shown the relationship between economic development and sectorial structure change of the economy, accompanied by the process of shifting labor force from the agricultural sector to the industrial and service sector. Besides, in the process of the structural change of the economy, structural change of the labor force also have its own characteristics for transformation economies such as the economy of Viet Nam.

   At present, Viet Nam is still a transforming economy on its way to complete the institutional framework of an market economy. This paper researches specifications and chances in the structural change process of the Vietnamese economy, comparing these with the results of other transforming economies, to underline challenges for the Vietnamese labor force quality. Data used for analyses in this paper focus on the key periods in the structure change process of the Vietnamese economy since the beginning of the 1990s up to now, concerning the chances, challenges and problems facing the labor force in the transforming process.

   This paper also gives recommendations for improving and increasing the labor force quality in the structure change process of the Vietnamese economy.

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