Sunday, May 29, 2022

ASEAN Entering New Stage of Development and Vietnam’s Participation.

ASEAN has been and will be an important factor in maintaining a peaceful environment, security and cooperation in Southeast Asia. The Association has been behind the objective of security and development of each member country and of the whole Association. This is attributed to shared interest and vision, strong political will and untiring efforts of all member countries. Against the background of great and swift changes in the region and the world, ASEAN is now faced with both challenges and opportunities. However, the Association has been able to chart out its own course, promoting intra-ASEAN cooperation and moving toward the ASEAN community by 2015.

Over the past 13 years since its full membership of the Association, Vietnam has been an active member, making important contribution to charting out ASEAN’s path of development. However, at this stage of development of the Association, Vietnam should raise public awareness of the role and activities of the Association, improve the quality of Vietnam’s participation in ASEAN cooperation and make preparation for the role of ASEAN Chairman in 2010.

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