Thứ tư, ngày 12 tháng 12 năm 2018
No 1 (26)

A Discussion on Morgenthau’s Realism and Neo-Realism’s Waltz

No 1 (38)

A Resilient and Innovative ASEAN: A Good Choice of ASEAN in the Context

Under Singapore’s chairmanship, the tagline of a Resilient and Innovative ASEAN was created to realize the ASEAN Community Vision 2025 and maintain ASEAN’s centrality in a rapidly changing strategic landscape. It encompasses ASEAN’s goal to be united and determined against regional issues on all aspects of politics-security, economics and socio-culture; at the same time adaptive and creative to manage the opportunities and challenges that come with technological advancement. This article provides an insight into the reasons of Resilience and Innovation, while seeks to elaborate on the ASEAN Plan of Action to actualize the tagline. It also delivers an assessment on the potential implementation of the tagline and discusses Vietnam’s contributions to the ASEAN Smart Cities Network and digital economies. Overall, Singapore’s initiative of a Resilient and Innovative ASEAN is a welcoming effort that showcases ASEAN’s consensus, but whether it is actually feasible and effective remains to be seen. 

No 2 (11)

A sketch of Vietnam in 2002

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No 2(07)

Accelerators and hindrances in ASEAN – Vietnam security and political cooperation over the past five years

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