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China in International Organizations: Opportunities and Challenges

In recent years, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has become an increasingly proactive player in international organizations. Not only contributing to re-structuring of existing international organizations and actively participating in multiple regional forums, China has also attempted to establish new organizations and mechanisms for multilateral cooperation as a substitute or supplementary platforms to the existing Western-dominated ones. On the one hand, China’s influence in International organizations is increasingly being felt. On the other hand, there remain reservations, if not skepticism, about China’s newfound role as a supporter or even an emerging leader of multilateralism. This paper aims to analyze the opportunities and challenges for China in International organizations. It observes that China has transformed from an outsider to a stakeholder and a potential leader of global multilateral regimes. The paper, however, argues that leadership capacity in International organizations also presents China with a daunting task of harmonizing its national interests with the international governance responsibilities it should shoulder. Furthermore, China needs to resolve its identity dilemma as simultaneously a developing country and an emerging great power in exercising its multilateral diplomacy. How China takes up the opportunities and addresses these challenges will shape the course of its participation in global and regional multilateral settings.

Keywords: multilateralism, multilateral diplomacy, international organizations, China, global governance

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