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China’s Rise as a Global Power and the Challenges to the United States


This paper seeks to examine the challenges that China's growing power might pose to the United States. It offers an insight into the dynamics underpinning the emergence of China as a powerhouse on the world stage, namely China's economic growth, China's military modernization, China's increasing soft power influence in Asia and around the world, and China's ambitions to return to the dominant player in world politics she once was. Then, using the Hegemonic Cycle literature as guidance for predicting the future of world politics in the context of a rising power and a declining power, the paper will identify challenges that the United States will have to address in its relations with a rising China. The systemic empirical evidence of the rise and decline of the world powers since the sixteenth century underlines the fact that China's rise may alter the existing world order, which has been led by the United States since 1945. This implies that there might be conflicts between the United States and China, and that this ultimately may disturb world security and stability.

Keywords: China, the United States, the hegemonic cycle, power transition, challenges.



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