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Japanese Policy Adjusments towards the Southeast Asia in the Second Term of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

There has been new points in Japan’s policy towards the region in the second term of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe since December, 2012. Precisely, in the first year in power, Prime Minister Abe proposed many initiatives in cooperating with Southeast Asian countries in order to affirm strategic targets to the region. On diplomacy politics, he was the first Prime Minister to pay official visit to 10 countries in 2013. Additionally, he also committed to cooperate comprehensively with the ASEAN on the occasion of the 40th founding anniversary of ASEAN-Japan cooperation. On security and defense, the breakthrough adjustments in internal and external security policy have opened up newly cooperative opportunities for both sides, which mark a turning point in Japan’s policy toward the region. This paper focuses on analyzing Japan’s policy toward the region in the second term of the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration. Firstly, we start with the overview of Japan’s foreign policy from 2012 up to now for readers to grasp the overall picture. Secondly, strategic targets, factors and steps implementing precise policy of Japan toward the region are presented. Thirdly, we go into depth analysis of the effects on the region in general and Vietnam in particular. In the fourth part, we consider the direction of the policy in the future. Lastly, we discuss about the relationship between Vietnam and Japan, proposing some recommendations on Vietnam’s measures in comprehensive cooperation with Japan.

Key words: Foreign policy, Japan, Southeast Asia, Shinzo Abe

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