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Issue of East Sea in the US Policy for the Asia - Pacific in the Post Cold War Era

Regarding important sea routes, the South China Sea/the East Sea plays a significant role in US security and trade interests. US interest in the waters is generally "free trade on important maritime routes, preventing any country from occupying regional waters."1Because some of the islands and islands in the South China Sea/the East Sea can be used as a base to monitor and control maritime fleets, the US is more interested in the waters, thereby expecting to enhance US presence in this sea. The South China Sea/the East Sea issue was one of the most important aspects of US policy of Asia-Pacific policy since the Cold War ended. This paper focuses on analyzing the position of the South China Sea/the East Sea issue in the Asia-Pacific policy of the US in the post cold-war era, clarifying America's view on the South China Sea/the East Sea as demonstrated by the dynamics of change from the "non-involvement" to "moderate involvement" and "actively involved" in developments related to the South China Sea/the East Sea, as well as making some remarks on US views on the South China Sea/the East Sea issue after the Cold War.

Key words: The South China Sea/the East Sea, the US, navigation

1 US Department of Defense, “Freedom of Navigation Operational Assertions”

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