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Diplomatic Activities: An Effective Remedy for Peace

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Secretary General of the Communist Party of Viet nam Nguyen Phu Trong at

the 29th Diplomatic Conference. Image: VOV


The 29th Diplomatic Conference serves as an opportunity for us to review the realisation of the Resolution of the 11th Party Congress on foreign relations, understand the spirit and contents of the Resolution of the 12th Party Congress and recommend solutions for effective implementation of focal diplomatic tasks during the coming years. This also serves as an opportunity for diplomats to be better aware of Viet Nam’s situation and status in the region and the world as well as the importance of foreign relations as part of the overall strategy on national construction and defence, creating new impetus for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its units and individuals in their assigned tasks. This article takes stock of the successes and constraints of Vietnamese diplomacy in the 11th Party Congress and subsequently, and draws 5 major lessons as a basis for Vietnamese diplomacy to successfully accomplish the diplomatic tasks set by the 12th Party Congress.

Keywords: the 29th Diplomatic Conference, diplomacy, external relations, lessons learned, tasks

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