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Maintaining balanced approach towards the great powers: Theory and reality in Viet Nam

In modern international relations, since the formation of the nation state, the major powers have consistently played a leading even dominating role in almost all aspects of international affairs. Other countries, especially those located in close proximity to great powers, have been obliged to adjust and balance their own polices within this system. In accordance with this pattern, Viet Nam in the past deployed a balanced policy to enlist support for its struggles for national liberation. Viet Nam has learned valuable lessons during this period. Currently, as the resolution of the Eleventh Party Congress, aimed at realizing a comprehensive integration policy, is being implemented, Viet Nam’s stance towards the great powers is clearly seen through its efforts to deepen and strengthen relationships with key partners.[1] Therefore, the question posed for policy makers and scholars is exactly which policy towards major powers should Viet Nam follow? In considering this problem, the paper will take up the following issues: (i) Balanced approach towards major powers in international relations; (ii) Viet Nam’s experience in balancing great powers before the period of implementing the international integration policy; and (iii) The lessons for balanced approach towards great powers.

[1] Vietnamese Communist Party (2011), Documents of the Eleventh Party Congress, National Political Publishing House, Hanoi, p.237.

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