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ASEAN’s Unity and Integration: Reality and Prospect

ASEAN’s Unity and Integration: Reality and Prospect

ASEAN’s integration is one of the most important issue to South East Asian nations and the inevitable development of this is closely connected to peace, prosperity and destiny of these nations. Europe is ahead of Southeast Asia in the process of regional association and integration, giving us precious lessons. However, the implication of these lessons in the Southeast Asia must take into account regional specific characteristics to make ASEAN’s process of integration a success. This article points out the differences between the Southeast Asia and Europe so that the prospects of this process can be assessed properly.

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ASEM: Những nhân tố quyết định sự hình thành và phát triển

No 2 (33)

Asia - Pacific Maritime Cooperation: Experiences and Lessons

After the signing of the ASEAN-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea/the East Sea (DOC), the situation in the South China Sea/the East Sea became calmer to a certain extent before tension began to flare up again since 2007-2008. This had brought most, if not all, regional countries to be on red alert. As a result, efforts at fostering regional maritime cooperation have pressed forward. This paper, on the past experiences of Asia-Pacific regional maritime cooperation, recommends some relevant measures to foster regional maritime cooperation in the future.

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Asia in the XXI Century: Opportunities and Challenges

No 2 (25)

Asia-Pacific Evolving security architecture

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