Sunday, November 29, 2020

Regional Architecture and Its Enlargement

Regional architecture has become a buzz world in regional meetings and summits nowadays. However, not all of us understand what it is and how it is shaped ect… Regional (Security) Architecture is used in international relations to describe as a set of regional cooperation arrangements both bilaterally and multilaterally in all fields, including traditional and nontraditional security, trade and economic matters and others. In Asia and the Pacific, the regional security archenteron is now marked by a multiplication of regional cooperation arrangements across wide range of fields. It can be stratified into three layers with ASEAN in the driving seat. Regional security environment has changed with the emergence of Chianti and India. In addition, the US, Japan and Australia have all indicated change in their policies toward the region... The emerging regional architecture is a set of the followings, the bilateral relations between the US and regional countries, ASEAN-led multilateral cooperation, bilateral economic, trade and security relations among regional countries, security initiatives, new security initiatives and frameworks. In all this, the role of ASEAN can be maintained as major powers still need ASEAN as a mediator, ASEAN gains in strength and major powers still want to maintain peace and stability in the region. Proposals have been put forth in enlarging the current architecture. However, regional countries are divided over their enlargement and therefore enlargement is not round the corner yet.

ASEAN should strengthen unity and solidarity, and take a proactive role in all these so as to assert itself in the emerging regional architecture.

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