Sunday, November 29, 2020

On Cambodia - United States Relations

The United States first opened diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Cambodia in 1950 when Cambodia became an associated state within the French Union. US -Cambodia relations has experienced abrupt changes and reversals since 1950. Political relations deteriorated in the early 1960s as a result of US military involvement in South Vietnam and Cambodia broke diplomatic relations in May 1965. Diplomatic relations were resumed in July 1969, severed after the Khmer Rouge seized power in April 1975 and re-established in 1991.

This article explores the impacts of domestic and international factors on US relations with Cambodia in the period after 1991 when an international settlement brought an end to the decade-long conflict in this country. Bilateral interstate relations between the US and Cambodia comprise multiple dimensions including diplomatic-political, economic, defence-security and humanitarian-development assistance. This Article illustrates that the pace and scope of the bilateral relationship varied across these dimensions over time. 

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