Friday, May 24, 2019

If I accept, I am a coward

In late March and early April 1947, French politics once again underwent upheavals. After 5 weeks in power, the French Government of Prime Minister Léon Blum collapsed. A new government led by Paul Ramadier, another leader of the Socialist Party (SFIO), came to power. Facing the pressures of the Communist Party and leftwing forces who were demanding the Government to conduct negotiation with the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, based on the 6 March 1945 Preliminary Accord, respecting independence and unity of Vietnam in the framework of the Indochinese Federation and the French League, on 3 April 1947, Prime Minister Ramadier declared his intention to reconsider all the requests for a ceasefire in Vietnam. Responding to the declaration of Prime Minister Ramadier, on 19 April 1947, on behalf of the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, Foreign Minister Hoang Minh Giam sent a message to the Government of France, requesting the end to hostilities and the launch of peaceful negotiation on the conflict in Vietnam. On 25 April 1947, the request was repeated by the Vietnamese Government. Facing repeated friendly requests from Vietnam as well as public demand at home, the French administration in Indochina requested President Ho Chi Minh to grant a reception to Paul Mus, the Political Advisor and Special Envoy of French High Commissioner in Indochina (Emile Bollaert). On the night of 12 May 1947, in Thai Nguyen, President Ho Chi Minh received Paul Mus and this was the last formal diplomatic contact ever between representatives of the Vietnamese and French Governments until the 1954 Geneva Conference on Indochina. This meeting was fully recounted by the former Foreign Minister Hoang Minh Giam in his autobiography “Following the Path of President Ho Chi Minh”. On the 70th anniversary commemorating the meeting between President Ho Chi Minh and Paul Mus (12 May 1947 – 12 May 2017), a meeting where the convincer was finally persuaded, the International Studies is honoured to present the article “If I accept, I am a coward” written by the late Professor, Foreign Minister Hoang Minh Giam, recounting this momentous event in Vietnam’s diplomacy.

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