Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Australia - NATO: “Intensified partnership”

“Intensified partnership” is a term reflecting the relationship between Australia and NATO entering a new phase after Australia has been proactively engaged in the operations of NATO, not least in Afghanistan. Since September 2014, Australia has officially been NATO’s “intensified partner”, with strategic ambitions focusing on: (i) further promoting the image and position of Australia in global issues; (ii) guaranteeing a greater role for Australia in NATO’s policy making; (iii) gradually persuading NATO to assume a greater role in its engagement in Asia - Pacific, alongside with the US to sustain and consolidate security for Australia. Apart from augmenting relationship with NATO, Australia also advocates to provide high-level consultation and accelerate economic, trade, investment and educational cooperation with China. This is a new strategic move in Australia’s foreign relations that attracts the attention of international researchers

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  1. Chính sách Đối ngoại Việt Nam
  2. Chiến thắng mùa xuân 1975
  3. Các vấn đề Quốc tế
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