Saturday, June 06, 2020

Comprehensive International integration: From a Cultural Diplomacy perspective

Globalization and international integration are not only relevant to political and security or economic issues: but in fact, regardless of whether we admit it or not this process has touched upon all aspects of social life in general and every individual's life in particular. For a long time, political-security and economic issues have been the two most prominent aspects in international relations because they are closely tied into the survival of each country. Conversely, culture and information have always been considered each country's 'individual particulars'. Only since science and technology, especially information technology, began to grow exponentially, leading to international interconnectivity, reducing distances and turning the Earth into a single 'village', have all citizens of the planet realized that cultural and information exchanges and tourism have indispensable requirements. Arguably in reality, culture and information exchanges have been most strongly integrated regardless of subjective intentions of each individual. This article introduces the two Conventions on Cultural Heritage and elaborates the concepts of cultural integration, cultural heritage and cultural diplomacy.

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