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World Overview in 2011 and Prospects for 2012

The year 2011 witnessed important developments in economic, political and security areas in the world, making significant implications on world affairs as well as international relations. This essay reviews these situations with focus on the outstanding developments in economic, political and security matters and forecast the trends and prospects for the coming years.

Economically, the essay holds gloomy view, referring to the financial - economic problems in Europe and America, natural disaster in Japan and chaos in North Africa and the Middle East, looking at the role of China in this connection.

Regarding political - security matters, the essay points out the relative decline of the U.S. power, the changes in the balance of power in the U.S. disfavor and in the direction of multilateralism, and touches upon the rise of China, India and Russia. Referring to world peace, the essay say that in spite of upheavals in a number of regions, world peace and security as a whole have been maintained with the interlocking of competition and cooperation among nations. The author particularly looks at the situation in the Asia - Pacific region with very strong strategic rivalries among big powers.

On the trends for 2012, the author say that there remain hard problems for world economy due to the consequences of the previous years, on political and security issues, there will be no big changes with the continuation of cooperation and competition among nations. However, regional and global issues will remain chaotic.


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