Vietnam-New Zealand Cooperation at Multilateral Forums: ASEAN, East Asian Summit and the United Nations.

This is a review of the relations between Vietnam and New Zealand over the past 30 years and more. Bilateral relations between the two countries have gone from strength to strength, helping them to cooperate more closely within multilateral framework. This cooperation within multilateral forums and organizations between the two countries dates back to New Zealand’s sponsoring of a UN resolution admitting Vietnam into the organization and its policy of engagement. New Zealand has supported many Vietnam’s move in APEC and East Asia Summit. The country was also the first country outside of ASEAN to support Vietnam’s bid to become a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. Vietnam has participated in the various processes headed by New Zealand such as PSI and attended the Meeting on Cluster Bombs and the Interfaith Dialogue process. Such New Zealand’s engagement policy is rooted in the belief that Vietnam could play an important role in the regions and in the advance of security and prosperity.

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