Saturday, June 06, 2020

Cultural Diversity in Globalization Context.

The article provides a brief introduction of culture in the information age and the current debate on cultural diversity. The author observes that this debate began in the late of the XIX century. And the focus of the current debate on states’ subsidies for film production between the United States and Europe is in fact the continued struggle for copyright between the Lumières in France and Edison in America, among other things. The struggle for cultural diversity becomes fiercer as and when globalization affects all aspects of economic, commercial and investment activities. Therefore, it has been the focus of discussions at various international fora. The author also points out that France is the pioneer in this struggle by adopting a number of financial and quota measures and by calling for an International Convention on Cultural Diversity. He asserts that, Vietnam’s approach is to seriously take the dialogues among cultures together and at the same time, making great efforts to develop a progressive culture with national identity.

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