Thursday, January 23, 2020
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ASEAN hướng về tương lai

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ASEAN Political - Security Community and the East Sea Dispute Settlement

From the very start, the political-security cooperation within the ASEAN countries and between the group and its partners were strengthened in all aspects. This reaped a wide range of significant results, building dialogues, promoting confidence, and practically contributing to the enhancement of regional peace, security, stability and cooperation as well as to effectively coping with emerging challenges, both traditional and non-traditional security. However, the ASEAN capacity over the regional disputes in general and the East Sea (the South China Sea) disputes in particular is still limited. The question of the ASEAN role over these disputes in the context of the ASEAN Political-Security Community that will come into reality by the end of this year needs to be answered.

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ASEAN Political - Security cooperation

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ASEAN's Central Role in East Asian Economic Integration: Realities and Challenges

ASEAN's Central Role in East Asian Economic Integration: Realities and Challenges

The history of East Asian Economic Integration itself began with the establishment of the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). East Asia tends to integrate their economies in order to have a better bargaining position vis-à-vis other regions such as EU and NAFTA. East Asia economic integration’s aims to: First, accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region; second, promote regional peace and stability. Economic integration is a good way to promote economic growth. The preferential trade agreements (PTAs) are an effective way to promote economic integration.

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ASEAN, cân bằng chiến lược mềm va trật tự an ninh ở Đông Á từ sau Chiến tranh lạnh

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