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Relations between the Republic of Korea and the DPRK: Stages of History

Through the years, relations between the ROK and the DPRK have not met the aspiration of the peoples of the two parts of Korea and the world people. The goal of national reunification remains distant. A look back into history would help answer the question.

The Korean War from 1950 to 1953 resulted in greater mistrust and hostility, hampering efforts to dialogue and reconciliation. In the 20 years that followed, although there were no large-scale wars, conflicts happened.  However, as the Cold War waned, contacts were established between the two regions. This was interrupted as the Cold War gained in severity. In the 1980’s, President Chun Doo Hwan tried to foster greater confidence among the two parts of Korea. As the Cold War came to an end, the two parts started their Summit meetings with the first one in 1990. These led to better relations between them. Though interrupted by tension in 1996, relations improved in the 1990 which culminated in the visit by ROK President Kim Dae-Jung and the signing of a joint declaration on national reconciliation and reunification. However, the nuclear crisis in 2002 and the nuclear tests in 2006 dashed hope of reconciliation. A shift in the relations was seen in the visit by President Lee Myung-Bak to DRPK in 2008. The pressure by ROK on the DPRK was counterproductive, relations were at a standstill. The situation has worsened ever since.

With ups and downs in the history of relations between the parts of Korea, it would be difficult to predict what would happen in the future. With President Lee Myung bak in power and the changing nature of DPRK policies, great difficulties are compounded by elements that runs counter to improvement of their bilateral relations.

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